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Who Let the Dogs Out?!

Donald and David, Haley and Barry - a Paylake Dynasty!


Who Let the Dogs Out?

Premier PayLake Pro Team Joins Forces with CarpPro


Jul 5, 2013 - Round Rock, TX --CarpPro today announced the addition of David Moon, Donald Moon, Barry McPeak and Haley McPeak to the prostaff. Better known as Moon Dog, Red Dog, Big Dog and Bird Dog, the foursome has been tearing up the paylakes for years and are one of the most recognized and formidable teams on the circuit.


It’s rare to find a team of anglers that work as well together as the Moons and McPeaks, but it should be no surprise because David “MoonDog” Moon, Donald “BigDog” Moon and Barry “RedDog” McPeak have been fishing together for 20 years. Donald qualified for the CarpReport Finale with his win at Creekside last weekend. 


And don’t for a minute think that 11-year-old Haley “BirdDog” McPeak is a tagalong! BirdDog has been fishing with the team for 5 years already and can fish with the best of them, throwing her own bait, reeling her own fish, and  hitting jugs. Haley was the first of the team to qualify for the CarpReport Finale with a 28lb 5oz fish from Hud’s carp Lake in May. She’s also a straight A student and is on the National Honor Roll!


David and Donald were introduced to paylake fishing it at an early age by their parents and fell in love with it immediately. They fish three or four times a week and every weekend up until early October and travel anywhere up to four hours each way to compete at some of the biggest competitions like the $20,000 Spillmans tourney. 


“We fish wherever the money is,” says David. “Right up until October 11 or so when the deer hunting starts. Then we go hunting until January when we start fishing again on the rivers while we wait for CarpReport to start again in March.”


The furthest they have traveled for competition so far is Baldwinsville, New York, where David Moon and Barry McPeak accompanied Keith Cisney and Gary “Gator” Ruble and gave a good account of themselves and finished in the money.


“We wanted to go to Lake Fork but it filled up too quickly!” adds David. “I’d have mixed up 50 pound of soybean for Fork!”


No doubt they’ll have their eyes on Fork next year where they can fish for both carp and buffalo to win money. David caught a PB 62lb 2oz buffalo from the Wataree River this year so he’s no stranger to big fish venues.


“Tourneys are mostly yellow carp,” David tells us. “You can win money on buffalo, but you can’t qualify with them. A good strategy is to catch carp to qualify and buffalo for the money in the side pots.”


Barry McPeak has been fishing for well over 30 years and paylaking for more than 25 years. He was introduced to it by his grandfather who take him to the pond and sit him on his knee when he was aged just one. Barry and Haley live in Easley, SC, a few miles from David and Donald in Greenville, SC, but they mostly fish together as a team, although Haley fishes mostly on the weekends due to school.


“That’s the great thing about fishing as a team,” says Barry. “You can really test the baits and find out what is catching because you have four lines in the water. If you’re gonna win the money you have to get in there and quickly figure out what is going on.”


Barry will sometimes fish 5 nights a week and travel with the team to wherever the biggest pot of money is. 


“People think I’m crazy,” he says. “But they don’t really understand until they see what it’s like. I’ve converted a lot of guys. Once they catch a big carp or buffalo, they’re hooked!”


With a hundred lakes in North Carolina, and between 60 to 75 around Charlotte and Asheville alone, as well as lakes in South Carolina and the Northern Paylake circuit, the sport has grown a lot in the last 10 years. That’s great news for MoonDog, BigDog, RedDog and BirdDog because it means more venues for them to go win the money!


Please join us in welcoming David, Donald, Barry and Haley to the CarpPro team.You’re gonna be hearing a lot from these guys... and gal!