Sonik SK4 Review - David Smith

Sonik's SK4 - Slimmer than a starlet on laxatives!SIC rings on this SonikAmidst the glamor of an LA 'burb near Malibu lies an oasis that’s home to Moby Dick the White Whale! This urban lake holds a 30lb plus white koi that’s regularly seen by all the party boat cruisers and the lake's bass anglers. And it’s got my name on it.

So, at this exclusive venue where everything is high-end, I couldn’t find a better place to put the SK4s through their paces. Straight out of the bag they are impressive. I was testing the 3.5lb TC models and they looked slimmer than a Hollywood hopeful on laxatives, dressed to kill by a top stylist! 

All the fittings are top-shelf and the finishing touches add some real bling. From etched butt caps to reel seat trimming, no expense is spared. The Sonik has an all-star cast...reel seat will hold any big pit reel, I suspect. Rings are SIC and rigged for long range casting with a 40mm butt.

I know Moby Dick hangs out around the lakes centrally placed aerators and these rods got me way closer than I’d managed before even throwing a bread stick with my corn bait. It’s a long time since I’ve used a line clip but to have them fitted anyway has to be a plus and I’d certainly consider using them fishing against one of the lakes snags or docks.

Well everything here in LA comes at price...except these rods. And that’s their biggest plus point. I guarantee you’ll be very surprised--pleasantly surprised that is.

Well back to the action, or lack of it on this day! This is a heartbreaker of 

a lake. Very limited bank space, one, maybe two carp of any note, and a weekly regatta of party pontoons. But I keep going back. Targeting big fish is my thing and one day I’ll look over the reed bed and Moby will be there with his head down on my bait, and bingo! Who knows, after these Soniks' performance he may get landed on an SK4 as I think these will be my choice as a good all around rod for my Cali Carping.




This starlet's butt is laser etched!




















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