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SomeBigFish - Richard Somerville's Guide Service

Richard Somerville - SomeBigFish Guide Service

Richard Somerville is possibly the biggest name in US carp and buffalo angling. A noted big fish specialist, Richard guides clients visiting North and Central Texas. Richard has been a CarpPro pro staffer since the team was created and was the first name on the list when Rod Hutchinson asked for a US-based angler to join its test team. 

Richard has fished with some of the biggest names in the business, both sides of the Atlantic, and has guided some famous clients. He filmed an episode of Reel Fishy Jobs with Mark Melnyk of the World Fishing Network, and was on camera with Doug Stange of InFisherman. Although not one to claim official records, Richard is the holder of several unofficial lake records for carp and smallmouth buffalo, including a 67lb buffalo (pictured) captured at Lake Fork.

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