Size Matters! - Fluff Chuckin' with Lowell King

fly fishing for carp, carp, carp proI was recently reminded that size really does matter and that bigger isn’t always better (thank god). Alright, lets get our minds out of the gutter and focus on the real story here…small flies…I mean really freakin’ small flies!

Finicky carp can often be fooled with diminutive offerings. Flies so small you think they would go unnoticed. When the usual suspects like crayfish, leech and dragonfly patterns are ignored; reach for the trout box. San Juan Worms, scuds, pheasant tail nymphs and other tiny flies can mean more hook ups. Steelhead anglers have used this “little” trick with great success and so can we.

fly fishing, carp, carp pro, carp flies

Landing carp on these miniscule morsels can be a challenge and may leave you feeling a bit beat up by the end of the day. Light tippets and fine wire hooks will be put to the test for sure.

Try using fluorocarbon tippets when using small flies or in clear water situations.

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