Rig Clinic - "The Spring" Blowback Rig


  • Curved shank hook
  • Split ring
  • 1mm soft silicon rig tubing
  • Coated braid or stiff hooklink
  • Size 8 swivel

"The Spring" blowback rig - resets itself after a nibble!We have mentioned many times that we don’t think complicated rigs are necessary, but we continue to say that even simple rigs can be improved to increase their effectiveness. The Blow Back Rig is a hugely successful setup for bottom baits. It’s success lies in it’s ability to separate the bait from the hook when the fish blows out a mouth of sampled food and increase your chances of the hook find flesh. However, if this fails and ejected baited hook settles again on the lake bed things can be less than optimal. The inclusion of a small length of supple silicon tube between the knot and ring creates a “spring” which compresses during the blow back phase and immediately springs back as the pressure reduces. This effectively resets the rig if ejected, or causes even more action of the bait in the fishes mouth increasing the probability of the hook catching hold.

The spring in actionFished in conjunction with a coated leader or a Fluorocarbon stiff rig this puppy is nearly impossible to eject. But if it is it’s there ready for action again with no fear of tangles. The spring is loaded really easily even with a light weight hook bait like neutral buoyancy artificial corn because of the pressure under which fish eject baits.











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