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The Kickass KD Rig

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Sometimes you really should believe the hype. In this issue we’re describing the incredible KD rig, or as we prefer to call it the KA rig. That’s KA for KICK ASS!

Take a good length of your favorite coated braid hook link material, here we’re using ACE camo core, and strip away a enough coating using a stripper tool to tie your hair and leave about an inch below the hook once tied. Once stripped tie the loop for your hair rig and thread on the bait of choice. I’m using a Venture Baits Sweetcorn boilie here. Finish with a bait stop fitted snuggly to the bait.

Now listen up, I’ll say this only once! Thread on your hook ready to tie a knotless knot. Here’s the deal you really want a curved shank hook for this rig to be at it’s best. All our sponsors carry patterns like this but here I’m sticking with my trusted Venoms from Scorpion Tackle. Hold the bait so it just touches the bend of the hook and start tying.

Take TWO loops around the shank, then lift the hair and carry on with six more loops before passing back through the eye of the hook and then tighten down. With the hair leaving the hook close to the eye it will automatically kick out the hook. It also makes the point of the hook heavy now it’s not supported by a hair wiped further along the shank of the hook.

This is this rigs real edge. An inhaled bait, which is often best being neutral buoyancy, will almost always leave the hook in very close proximity to the bottom lip, ready to catch hold and cause the run. Let's look at making a neutral buoyancy bait.

Using a Tiger nut drill, drill out a hole half way through a bottom bait. Be careful not to split the bait. If this is too much fuss why not pin down a popup bait with a split shot?

Once drilled carefully insert one of the lengths of cork that come with the nut drill into the hole. About a quarter to third of an inch should be good for a 15mm bottom bait. Carefully cut off the cork and you’re ready to thread it onto the hair.

Once mounted you can carefully balance the bait by trimming cork or boilie to achieve the neutral buoyancy you’re after. Fish it on it’s own or in Pack or Method it’s devastating. Psssst! Any Paylakers reading this, try it with a Puff! It might well out fish those big hooks and land you more fish this winter.













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