Rig Clinic - JM or Multi-Rig - with Karl Haymer

This rig is one of simplest ideas ever, but a real fish catcher. Much loved by big fish anglers the world over and named after Jon McAllister who was the first to publicize it in the angling press, it offers great presentation and hooking characteristics. It’s super quick to tie with very few moving parts it keeps the K.I.S.S. boys happy. In fact this one requires very little instruction. Just use a stiff coated braid and you are away.


Tie a igure of 8 loop in coated braidThread loop through the eye of the hook.Put a rig ring on the loop.









Pull the loop over the hook point.Pull tight before tying on a pop-up to the rig ring.










A lump of tungsten molded around the figure of 8 knot, and the rig sits up perfectly!


Suited to tied-on pop ups all that’s left to do is strip back a little of the coating just below the knot to create the all important hinge. Then use the knot to hold some tungsten putty for critical balance and the rig will waft about perfectly...








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