Rig Clinic - Greedy Pig Rig - Josh Snow


What you’ll need: The greedy pig rig wouldn’t be named so if you didn’t use BIG baits. So a sturdy size 4 wide gap, or long shank hook is what you’ll need. Along with a coated braid (in this case Korda N-trap), some shrink tubing large enough to slip over the eye, some extendable bait stops, and a small bit of silicon tubing. A tip I find works well, at least in my mind, is using components that match the lake bed only to an extent, using various colors to break up the outline, Fishing over a tan bottom I’m using a clay colored hooklink, weed green shrink, and grey silicon. 


1: Make sure the loop you make forming the hair is large enough to accommodate your baits, you want the knot to be just inside the boilie closest to the hook to keep it from sliding down the hair and throwing off its mechanics. 

2: When using this rig its important to keep everything inline, use a short piece of silicon up the back of the hook near the bend to do this. Threading it on this way. 

3: Even when using a hook with an in-turned eye I always like to use a piece of shrink tubing or line aligner to make the angle a bit more aggressive to aid in hooking.

4: I like to use a very buoyant pop up, either artificial or real, to ensure neutral buoyancy. You want the hook to lay flat and your baits to waft freely. And a Taska extender stop to really hold the bait.           

5:Choose the right length stop to set the length of your hair, leaving a 3/8-1/2 inch gap between bait and hook bend. 

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