Rig Clinic - On the Float! With Korda's Michael Koester

Michael Koester's Float Rig for Quick Carp Action!

You’ll need a hooklength, float, putty and sharp Korda Kurv.

Tie some marker material at the correct depth around your main line.


Follow this with a crystal waggler float. Now tie a swivel on at the other end using a blood knot. Create a knotless knot hooklength and attach your bait. Add a Kwik Link to the swivel, like so.

Tie a Link Loop onto the hooklength and slide a Sleeve over the top.


Attach your hooklength to the Kwik Link and slide the Silicone Sleeve over. Mould some tungsten putty over the swivel as shown. Your rig should be ready to go and catch a monster carp!

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