Rig Clinic - The Claw

The mighty claw! A monster hooking rig.

“The Claw” or “Blow Back” rig is an absolute monster hooker of fish and worth the effort to tie. Really suited to bottom baits it’ll increase the efficiency of hooking you get with the normal hair rig no end. It’s all about the mechanics of the hinges and hair which allow the stiff rig to do what it was designed to do and make ejection of the baited rig tricky making sure Mr Carp knows there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

It's all about the separation!

SEPARATION - Here you get the benefit of a long hair without the fear of tangles. The distance the bait can travel when the carp blows out the bait causes a wide arc between bait and hook point, nails them every time...well, nearly every time.

Hinges are essential!


Peel back some coating to create a hinge below the hook. It will allow the baited hook to be sucked in from any angle.


Use a loop to attach the hook link to the swivel. Again it allow everything to pivot easily and the stiff link can do it it’s job.




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