Rig Clinic - Chod Rig - with Tomas Kutschy

CarpPro pro-staffer Tomas Kutschy shows us how to create the simple chod rig.

Tomas Kutschy - CarpPro pro-staffer - with a pristine Canadian Common!














  1) Some of the bits you'll need to construct the Infamous Chod Rig;  Choddy hooks, Rig rings, Ring swivels, Mouth trap, Puller tool of some description.
  2) Pass 6-10inches of Mouth Trap through the eye of the hook, leaving a couple inches tag end
  3) Whip the knotless knot away from the eye gap making 4-5 turns
 4) Careful finishing up your knot as it's loaded like a spring, it should look something like this.
 5) Slide a rig ring onto the tag you've left down the shank of the hook
 6) Poke the tag back through the eye, use a tapered tool to form your "D"
 7) Trim off the excess of this tag before you blob down with a lighter, be sure to protect the knot from flame and your fingers!
 8) Tie a simple 4-5 turn blood knot onto a swivel
 9) Moisten knot and tighten down tight with the aid of a puller tool
 10) Your Chod rig is nearly complete and should look something like this
 11) Using some dental floss tie on your chosen bait with a series of simple overhand knots
 12) Thread a rubber bead onto your mainline or leader, this will help adjust where on the line/leader you want the rig to sit
 13) Add a final bead and job done!  You've got a simple but very effective Chod rig





















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