Rig Clinic - Adjustable Zig with David Smith

You asked for it so here it is. The rig that has revolutionized mid water fishing in recent years. Once you try this just remember keep adjusting depths until you strike lucky. Baits must be superbuoyant, lines low diameter and hooks light and you’re half way there.


The zig rig has revolutionized mid-water carp fishing.



First, you’ll need a float. I’ve used pike floats and bubble floats but I’ve settled on these extremely buoyant polystyrene float bodies from the Fox range.

I use a length of stiff tubing which carries a buffer bead to pass through the body of the float. Thread on your lead and then the buoyant body. You can see how the buffer bead will stop the lead.

On the end of the main line tie a swivel. I use the ones which have a ring on one end.
















Use a low-diameter hook length around 3-4 feet.

Next comes the hook link which I tie at around 3 to 4 feet from a good low diameter line. Tie a small light weight hook, here I’m using a Scorpion Talonz, with a knotless Knot. There you have it!! 

Now add the bait which must be extremely bouyant. I always add some soaked rig foam for extra attraction. To avoid tangles double the hook link back and use a piece of PVA through the eye of the swivel to hold the hook.





Out she goes. Test different depths until you get a bite.




Then...out she goes! Pull back until you feel the float hit the lead, at that point you’ll be fishing at the depth of the hook link. When you’re ready let out some line and the float will rise allowing the bait to climb in the water. Keep varying depths until you get a bite and the bites are usually screaming one toners!Play fish carefully on the long link and you’ll hopefully put your first Zig Rig fish on the bank!










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