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Quick Tips - Zig Bugs

With the arrival of warmer weather, carp will often venture into the upper layers. Fly anglers know this, and can enjoy some excellent sport in these conditions. However, and again fly anglers know this, often carp sit just below the surface. That’s where a suspended hookbait comes in. Suspended hookbaits, or Zigs as they are often called, are floating baits that often score well fished anything from a few inches to several feet below the surface. Pop-up boilies, pieces of cork or foam, artificial buoyant maggots and of course, the now commercial made zig-flies will all catch carp. The trick is to fish with thin lines that are lightweight (not fluorocarbon), and small sharp hooks. This tactic works so well as it catches both feeding fish and fish that are merely inquisitive. If you’ve ever been to an aquarium you will no doubt have observed fish spending prolonged periods in the mid-upper layers of the water column. It makes perfect sense to target these fish these areas – give it a try!

Adam Clewer - CarpPro European Correspondent


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