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Quick Tips - Putting the Squeeze on Artificials! with Josh Snow

Putting the Squeeze on Fake Baits!By now everyone knows that soaking artificial baits can give you an edge. But using small bits of foam like those used for zig rigs can be even better. 

I find that small pieces of yellow foam (intricately nipped and shaped to ease my insanity) soaked in flavors give you a better presentation than artificial buoyant baits and overall better mechanics when hooking the fish. 


Here's another tip : Get yourself some forceps or needle-nose pliers. I like to squeeze the foam with long-nose pliers as I dunk them in the flavor. This gets all the air out of them so that when you release them they soak up all much more flavor. This works as a quick injection for fake baits before stringing onto the hair because it gets all of the air out and replaces it with flavor. Give it a shot!

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