PVA - Karp Klinik - with Karl Haymer

Karl's Karp Klinik tackles PVA tacticsPVA bags don’t necessarily have to carry solid free offerings like boilies, breadcrumb, pellets etc. If you want to kick start a session that may not be going too well or create an cloud of attractant around your hookbait at extreme distance, this method just may be the way. It has worked for me when all else has failed, sometimes getting the fish into a feeding frenzy in front of you when you may be convinced that your swim is devoid of carp.

Take a PVA bag, I use either the distance PVA bag or the Bullet PVA bag, both in their plain and flavored variations from Scorpion Tackle. I have used many different manufacturers PVA bags in the past and these bags from Scorpion are way tougher than most of them. In the past I often had to double bag other brand bags to avoid that annoying splitting on extreme distance casts, I have never suffered one bag spilt since changing over to the Scorpion Tackle brand.

Scorpion's Scorp-Amino is a proven liquid attractor

Cut away approximately 2/3rds of the bag, leaving a small bag that just fits the lead you are using. Place your lead in the bag. I favor the torpedo style distance lead (Available at Scorpion Tackle) for this long distance work. Pour in your favorite liquid attractant, I have been using Scorpions own SCORP-AMINO™ which is loaded with Amino Acids,along with their version of that old carping classic flavor Scopex.

* Check manufacturer’s dosage here as some flavors are so concentrate that they may have the opposite effect on your carp, and may spook them out of your swim.

The finished bag is tied off tightly and ready to cast out. Cast out and wait for the alarms to scream! The PVA bags melt and your hookbait is surrounded by an incredibly attractive column of smell and feeding triggers. 

Hope this helps you put a few more fish on the bank, I know it has for me.







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