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CarpPro pro-staffers are selected because of their experience, skill, dedication, and ability to promote the sport of catch and release carp and buffalo fishing. A CarpPro pro-staffer is also expected to promote the CarpPro brand and partners, conduct themselves ethically, contribute features and tips to readers of the magazine and website, and to be available on the chat forum to help others become better anglers and better stewards of our sport.

if you feel you have what it takes to be a CarpPro pro-staffer, join our forum and show us what you've got.

Austin Anderson
Junior Pro Staff, TX

Luke Nichols
Multi-Species (Carp & Cats), VA/DC
Cats&Carp on YouTube


John "Montana" Bartlett
Fly Fishing, OR

Evan Bull
Southern California
Specimen Angling

Keith Cisney
Paylake, South Carolina
Rod Hutchinson, BioEdge, CarpReport

Mario Damian
Southern California
Specimen Angling

Mark Erdosy
Fly Fishing, PA

Pete Hodgman
Fly Fishing, MI

Adam Hope
Fly Fishing, PA

Tomas Kutschy
Ontario, Canada
Specimen Angling

JP Lipton
Fly Fishing, MN

David McCool
Fly Fishing, MI

Brian McGill
Specimen Angling

Jim "MrP" Pankiewicz
Fly Fishing, WA


Miguel Ruiz
Southern California
Specimen Angling

Joshua Snow
Rod Hutchinson Baits, NY
Specimen Angling

Trevor "McTage" Tanner
Fly Fishing, CO