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Stonefly Press and Orvis have teamed up to produce the Orvis Guide to Flyfishing for Carp, by Kirk Deeter. The book was released in May and you can order from CarpPro* The cost is $18.95 plus shipping and handling and the couple of bucks we make goes to keeping the CarpPro server and chat room available for free.

Stonefly writes: Carp are tantalizingly close, no matter where you are. They will challenge you technically, test your patience, and make you question your fly fishing bona fides more than any other freshwater fish. And they get really big; they’ll put you into your backing fast. As Trout Unlimited’s Chris Hunt says in his foreword, “Enjoy the journey that comes with fly fishing for carp. And leave your 4-weight home.”  Sporting nicknames like the golden bonefish, carp are finally getting the attention they deserve from US flyrodders. TROUT Magazine managing editor Kirk Deeter meets these non-native fish head-on, examining their history, behavior, diet, and the challenges they pose for even the most accomplished fly fisherman. Covering everything from the approach, the presentation, how to effectively read both fish and water - even recipes for the best patterns to throw - Deeter introduces the most prolific freshwater gamefish to an audience finally ready to stalk them.


Foreword by Chris Hunt
Part One “Worthy Quarry”
Chapter 1 Why Carp?
Chapter 2 Carp Are Difficult to “Pattern”
Chapter 3 The “Everyman” Fish
Chapter 4 “A Tale of Two Fishes”
Chapter 5 Carp Biology 101
Chapter 6 The Characteristics and Senses of Carp
Chapter 7 Where Carp Live
Chapter 8 How Carp Behave
Chapter 9 Lakes, Ponds, and Rivers
Chapter 10 What Carp Eat
Chapter 11 How Carp Eat
Chapter 12 On Weather and Water Conditions
Chapter 13 Why Carp Are Hard to Catch with...

Part Two “Playing the Game”
Chapter 14 Gear: Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders...
Chapter 15 The Approach
Chapter 16 Finding Fish (Reading Water and...
Chapter 17 Figuring Out Food
Chapter 18 Picking the Right Fly
Chapter 19 Fooling Carp: The Cast and...
Chapter 20 Fighting Carp
Chapter 21 Freeing Carp
Chapter 22 Berry Fishing
Chapter 23 How and Why I Blew It at the Sixth...
Chapter 24 From the Experts: Their Best Tips...
Chapter 25 Grass Carp
Chapter 26 Carp Trivia

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Stonefly Press publishes innovative how-to and where-to fly fishing books, including digital books and featured downloads of destination waters.  They focus on creating an experience community shared actively between authors and enthusiasts, and donate a percentage of profits to over a half dozen water conservation groups, including American Rivers, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, California Trout, Riverkeepers, and Western Rivers Conservancy, among others.

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