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"I'm Never Voting Again!" - John Montana Wins Slab of the Year

John "Montana" Bartlett wins the Moldy Chum Slab of the Year contestCarpPro pro-staffer John "Montana" Bartlett won the Moldy Chum Slab of the Year competition for 2012. This marks the first time a carp has won the annual competition, usually dominated by Trout, Salmon, Redfish and Bonefish, and it elicited no small amount of sour grapes in the comments section! 

"Is it possible people think they're voting for the Redfish?"
"If a carp wins this I will never vote again...."
"It is obvious that the fisherman who caught the carp is really embarrassed as it appears he photoshopped in a scarf around his face."
"Would you let citizens of France vote for the U.S. president?" (No, we really aren't maklng these up!) 
"I'd prefer a good dose of skin cancer than to be caught dead wearing a buff."
"carp suck, and around here are easy to catch. Ugly as sin, smell like ass and are a boring fight."

All hilarity aside, there was a lot of support for carp as the sport fish they are and plenty of kudos for John and all the competitors. The fly anglers are among the leading evangelists of the sport and have the industry's attention as they continue to mainstreem carp angling in North America.

John won his choice of Cheeky fly reels, a pair of Patagonia wading boots, and DVDs from Loop and Catch Magazine. Well done, John!

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