I Am a Spring Man - Michael Koester


Looking forward to Spring...I love Spring, when the syrup of life is flowing into nature and everything comes to life. The sun will get warmer and the days longer… Hell yeah, I love Spring.  Today though, I sit in my warm house feeling like a young kid waiting for Santa. Being the sixteenth of December 2009, it’s not what you think...

A few weeks back, two friends and I had the idea to fish the last session of the year on a private lake. The weather was typical for our area, cold (about minus three degrees Celsius). As I began prebaiting, I became worried the lake would be frozen over during the weekend of our session.

Earlier today, I met with my friend at the lake to see it still open! My thermometer read a temperature of below zero and a water temp. of three degrees Celsius; not so good. A very cold night could mean solid ice. Turning on the TV, I hear the weatherman forecasting a bit of snow and temperatures of around zero. Yes! I then get a phone call from Guido, “look outside, it’s snowing mate, wouldn’t it be nice to show a carp in snowy conditions?”. Yes it would!

Now I am running around like a young, excited child. Wouldn’t it be fine to take a few pictures with snow and carp? Well, I’ll keep you informed. My fingers are crossed that Mr. Frost is kind to us and does not take the lake for himself :-)

Well my friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…and may all your dreams come true.

Snowed in but still hopeful...Carpe Diem - a fish a day


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