Grab n' Go Method Mix - by Hector Sara

Hector Sara with a method-caught common...BAM!This is a very simple method mix that I would like to share with everyone, and its one that’s catching me fish all year long!Rapid breakdown...

This mix is so simple that there’s no need to show you pics of how to prepare, just to show you what the finished product looks like is enough. Before I explain the mix, let me say that the sky is the limit on what you might like to add extra to this mix, but the mix I'm going to explain is a great spring mix and has not let me down! 

So here we go, all you need for this mix is canned sweet corn, dried molasses, and Quaker whole grain oats.

1. Open 1-2 cans of your sweet corn( I use 2 cans) and dump them into your method bowl

2. Then add around 2 cups each of your molasses and oats and mix it all up with your lucky spoon, before I mix everything up, I add my seasonings, which is anything you want to use, but I use some chilli powder and ground Cayenne pepper. The trick is while you add your Cayenne pepper, you have to scream out..BAM!! just like the famous Chef Emeril does!

...leaving the hookbait in a nice pile of attractants.3. That’s it, you're done. Very simple.


Use on a method rig...

...or PVA.

This is a great mix when your on the run and you want to get on the bank quickly. If you're doing long sessions, these simple ingredients are very easy to pack. You can use this mix on the feeder or make up a PVA stick which is quite deadly when your going for that one-bite tactic. Let me say that other than the sweet

corn, the most important ingredient is the dried molasses, which you can pick up at your local feed store very cheaply. The dried molasses will bleed off the mix and give off a very nice look.






















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