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Get on the Hutch!

A pioneer of the European carp angling boom in the 70s and 80s, today Rod Hutchinson is rightfully regarded as one of the great names in the sport, and the Hutchinson range of baits and flavors has stood the test of time. In fact, some of Hutchinson’s original flavors are still some of the best sellers, including Monster Crab, Mulberry Florentine, Scopex and Savay Cream and, as anyone recently competing against Keith Cisney will understand, they are still putting fish on the bank and out-fishing the competition. CarpPro is proud to be a distributor of Hutchinson Baits in North America and to welcome them as sponsors of the CarpPro pro-team. As part of that agreement, Josh Snow and Richard Somerville have joined the Hutchinson bait testing team, the first US-based anglers to do so. Josh has already landed some stunning fish on Hutchinson Baits this summer and, as the weather cools down and fishing is back on the agenda, Richard will be filing catch reports and sending in pics of even more Texas carp and buffalo caught on the famous Hutchy baits. By the way, Richard first started using Hutchy flavors 30 years ago! In fact, rumor has it that some pond bosses are so scared of it, they've banned it! Yes, it really is THAT good!

Our advice? Don't tell 'em what's in YOUR bucket!