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European Correspondent Adam Clewer Joins the CarpPro Team

Adam Clewer with a picture-perfect 34lb 12oz mirror carpCarpPro has boosted its ranks again with the announcement that Adam Clewer has joined the staff, taking on the role of European Correspondent. Adam’s will offer CarpPro readers an inside look at the emerging trends in the continental and UK carp scenes and to evaluate new products and tactics as they may apply to North American carp and rough fish angling. Adam writes regularly in the UK for many of the leading UK angling magazines including Carpworld, Anglers Mail, Coarse Angling Today and is a regular contributor to Carp-Talk. Adam is sponsored by Fox International, Mainline Baits and Kent Particles.

Adam lives in southern England but he has a connection with the U.S which means his feet are firmly in both camps. Ten years ago Adam married a Pennsylvanian and he regularly spends extended times here in the US. While Adam remains embedded in the UK carp fishing media and tackle industry, his unique transatlantic perspective allows him to understand how new products, baits and tackle, tactics and other emerging trends may apply to the North American scene. His knowledge and analysis will help CarpPro readers stay ahead of the game.

“I love America and for a long time I’ve been intrigued at the limitless potential America offers to carp fishing,” says Adam. “Whilst many would agree that carp fishing hasn't been fully realized yet in the US, this sleeping giant will awake and when it does I want to be part of it!”

“We are absolutely thrilled that Adam has agreed to join the CarpPro team,” says CarpPro owner, Tony Cartlidge. “He’s a great writer, well-known to the UK carp media, and he knows the industry very, very well. He writes regularly for some of the leading carp magazines in the UK and we know he’ll be a huge asset to CarpPro and our readers.”

Adam will keep CarpPro readers updated with the latest tackle and fishing news from the UK but he certainly brings much more value than that. His articles remind us that great writers are also astute observers and he is fond of escaping the goal-oriented tunnel vision that frequently afflicts the sport. It’s not always about the numbers but the experience. 

“There have been many great memories, the first double, twenty, thirty etc., but some of the best have been the many beautiful carp-fishing dawns I have witnessed and, more recently, the pleasure of taking my 5-year-old daughter fishing.”

Adam's passion for fishing was birthed on the beautiful rivers of Hampshire in southern England. His grandfather was a river keeper on the Hampshire Test and the pair regularly walked the banks after Sunday church. It was his grandfather that introduced him to angling at the age of 7. 

Adam explains, “One task my grandfather regularly endured was chasing away poachers who were fishing illegally. One time, the poachers dropped their tackle and ran. The dropped rod became my first fishing rod, and the rest as they say is history! My grandfather started me fishing, and my dad continued it. I am truly grateful for their help, encouragement and belief in me.”

Adam began fishing the local rivers for anything that swims, progressing from trout and salmon to coarse fish. He caught his first carp at a small pond in the New Forest area of England on a chunk of floating bread. “The whole experience was electrifying!”

“The pioneering aspect of carp fishing has largely been exhausted in the UK,” Adam continues. “America takes us back to where the passion and the pursuit of the unknown beckons once again. The last big ambition/aspiration is to travel across the US in search of uncaught monsters. The thrill of fishing for the unknown in a relatively under-explored country (with regards fishing for carp) appeals to me immensely.”

Adam is married, has two daughters, and works full time as a church minister. His favorite venues tend to be quieter waters where he can enjoy nature unspoiled and fish for the unknown. 

Please join us in offering Adam a very warm welcome to the CarpPro team.

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