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Do the Goo - Homestyle! - with Anthony Wood

Anthony Wood runs the HomeMade Boilies page on Facebook, writes a busy blog and has written several books aimed at budget-conscious anglers and those of us that just prefer to make our own baits. You can find his books and e-books at Amazon and at

Do the Goo - any flavor you want!

There is lots of hype going round at the minute with goo-type glugs for your baits, so I thought I would give you a simple easy and effective recipe for making your own.

You will need the following ingredients:

100ml Food-Grade or Organic Glycerin
Corn Starch/Flour
40ml Grape Oil
10ml Flavor
2tsp Powdered Food Coloring

First you will need to put the 50ml of glycerin in a cup, now add your color and flavoring (color can be adjusted as you go), and also stir in the grape oil. 

Slowly add small amounts of corn flour/starch, stirring each addition in thoroughly until you have the required thickness of goo that you want.

Pour your goo into a container with an air tight lid such as a glug pot and store in a cool dry place. You may find a bit of separation occurs during storage so give the container a good shake before you use it.

You can get food-grade vegetable glycerin from any health store or local dug store. Cost is around $4 per 4oz.
Use a flavor dropper or feeding syringe to get the quantities right. You can get these at pet stores (used for feeding baby animals) or restaurant and cooking supply shops.

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