Daiwa Sealine - Tackle Review by Don McIntyre

Daiwa Sealine - the Darth Vader of carp fishing reels?The Darth Vader of carp fishing reels is here. At first glance, this reel looks like something straight out of a Star Wars episode with it’s sleek black design. I couldn’t help but remember Darth Vader’s dome as I handled this new reel. It exudes a certain carp sexy appeal that is impressive at first glance. It just looks sharp. 

The Daiwa Sealine series of reels took root on the salt water scene, proving itself and amassing a very loyal customer base. The design and functionality is undisputed on the saltwater scene similar to the popular Shimano 3500 series of reels. Both are known for time-tested durability and potential owners can expect no less with the new design. The question is, “How will this reel fit into the U.S. carp scene?”

After field testing a brand new, straight from the factory Daiwa Black Sealine 4500 for nearly a year, I can tell you that I believe a fella can’t go wrong with this reel. First, it holds an astonishing 360 yards of 12lb test with a reverse taper spool which is again, part of the new design. The new reverse taper spool design translates into longer casts. It also features a 4:6:1 gear ratio and four plus one ball bearings. My favorite feature is the oversized handle which comes in handy when fighting fish. I don’t know why more reel manufacturers don’t design reels with oversized handles. Daiwa’s Bite-N-Run engages every time, making the bait runner feature very reliable. 

One of the most important features when I am looking at buying a reel is the drag. To put this reel to the ultimate test, I used this reel last fall for live alewife fishing on the piers of Lake Michigan, chasing Salmon. For anyone who has ever  hooked into a fresh salmon, they are the ultimate test of your gear in freshwater with long, screaming drag runs that will toast a drag, and smoke a cheap reel. After landing several large salmon and quite a few carp on this reel, I can tell you that the drag will hold up, and it performed flawlessly.  his is a reel that you can expect years of service from with proper maintenance and it has power in reserve for the large carp that we chase. 

So if you are in the market for a new reel, and are looking for a great looks, time tested toughness, and a great design, maybe you should check out the Daiwa Sealine 4500 BRI.






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