Cracked It! Brummie Bri's Cracked Corn Method Mix

Cracked It! Brummie Bri's Cracked Corn Method Mix

What you'll need for Brummie Bri's Method Mix

How would you like an easy method mix which breaks down into a perfect bed of bait which would be just too tempting for a carp to feed on and which also would not hurt your wallet either in the process? Impossible you may say especially with the price of food and farm feed all over the country. Well I would like to share with you a recipe which has outdone all types of method mixes for me ever since I said goodbye to that bag of Vitalin back in Blighty! In my opinion it is best used fresh, however I have used the same method up to a week old with success!

This recipe was originally shared with me by my good friend Kent Glass who also has a special place for this mix in his bait armory. There are many variations of how it can be prepared, each person has their own different ingredients or flavors to add. But, in my opinion I say simplicity is best and so I have kept my own style very simple and adjusted the amounts of ingredients I use to pack well enough to withstand a cast to the horizon but also be able to break down and settle around your hook baits within 5 minutes. I usually fish on average for 8hrs per session so the amounts I list have been perfect for me. Although it has bitten me in the ass on a couple of occasions when it has drawn a big shoal in and I ran out. So you can double or triple the amounts for your own preference.




10 cups of cracked corn

1 tin sweet corn 

1 tin of creamed corn 

4 cups of quick oats 

1 packet of Jell-O (whatever flavor you like although I have a preference for cherry or pineapple)

2 cups of water (preferably filtered or lake water) 



Brummie Bri's cracked corn method mix for carp


1. Pour both cans of corn into a pan and add the 2 cups of water.

2. Stir it all in and then bring to a boil.

3. Start adding the Jell-O whilst constantly stirring.

4. Once the Jell-O has dissolved into the liquid add half of the cracked corn and stir in well

5. Turn down the heat on the stove and add the remaining corn and stir that in good too.

6. Now take the pan off the stove and put the mix in a bucket and add 2 cups of quick oats and thoroughly mix the oats in with the cracked corn.

7. Put a tight seal on the bucket and now let it sit overnight (I usually let it sit for 10hrs so the liquid can soak into the cracked corn really well).

8. Just before you set off to go fishing add the remaining 2 cups of oats and mix it in by hand. This way you can tell if you need to add more oats if the mixture is too wet (be careful if you add more oats, do not add too much otherwise you can lock up the mixture) or you may need to add a bit of liquid if too dry. I then usually pack a ball sized amount in my hands to see if it binds how I want it to.

9. Next reseal the bucket and go out to your water with your fave hook baits (mine now being the Venture Baits pineapple crunch boilie) ) and haul!


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