Chow Down! Paylakin' with Buster

Chow, baby! A paylake staple and one you simply have to know.Just a quickie refresher for the wildwater gang--------------CHOW !!!!




To the paylake fishermen, the bait known as chow is brown gold. Chow is one of the best carp baits that’s ever been created. The bait called chow is something of a misconception to many people though, and because of it’s Paylake roots has never found favor as a wild water bait. Oddly enough, the wild water/Euro gang turn up their noses at chow, but will pay a premium price if the same bait is renamed as carp pellets. The original chow Paylake bait was called “Trout Chow”, and many years ago that is exactly what it was. Trout chow in the form used and sold at Paylakes was an aquaculture feed made for carnivorous species of fish--like Trout. The original trout chow was a dense pellet that had a high ratio of fish meal and fish oil. It gained a reputation among wild water fishermen as a catfish attractant. This was spread by word of mouth and most wild water fishermen wouldn’t even try it.


Times are changing though and many wild water fishermen from both sides of the pond are now willing to experiment with the traditional Paylake baits.Keep some extra chow handy!


The old style trout chow is still as popular as ever, and makes a great additive to method mixes and PVA bags. No matter how you look at it, trout chow is still high quality carp pellets at an affordable price. There is much more to the stinky stuff than that though. There is another type of aquaculture feed that just happens to be ready made for species such as carp. In the aquaculture industry it’s known as “omnivore chow”. This type of feed could be considered as the ultimate carp bait. It is a scientific blend of animal proteins and plant roughage. It would be hard to find a more balanced diet for carp. Omnivore can be wetted down and becomes one of the ultimate method baits.


Someone, somewhere will be throwing chow pack!Page after page could be written about how to use omni-chow. Or, some great information can be found online. If you get bored during the winter, take the time to search the web for “chow”. the number one brand in the US is made by Purina Mill and is packaged under the “Aquamax” brand name. Aquamax comes in a dozen different sizes and blends. Make an effort to locate a supplier of the #5 or #6 chows. Don’t be shy about asking to look at the bag or barrel that your bait comes from. Chow can be one of the most cost efficient baits available.






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