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CarpPro Store Open For Business 

The CarpPro store is open for business. The store carries all your favorite CarpPro brands, including Gaper hooks and CarpPro paylake flavors.We also carry the famous Hutchinson flavors that have blown the lid off the paylakes. Megaspice? Monster Crab? Nouvelle Fizz? We got it. 

Looking for another edge? How about the Dynamite Baits range of flavors, boilies, pellets and particles? We have them. The White Chocolate Coconut has already won money and accounted for some massive fish in the US. The new Red Amo range will take your fishing to another level. 

Looking for the ACE range of end tackle? We got it. Razor Hooks, the amazing i3 alarms, pre-tied rigs and more. ACE has what you need. We also stock the Carp Spirit range of top quality carp tackle for the budget-concious  angler. Can't find it on our site? Send us an email and ask.  

We are the only authorized distributor of Dynamite Baits, ACE, and Carp Spirit and Rapala carp brands in the United States. Contact us at for wholesale opportunities. 



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