CarpPro Flavors and Panko a Match Made in Heaven - Austin Anderson

This fish came within 5 minutes of casting outBasic inline method rigCarpPro prostaffer Austin Anderson has been trying out the CarpPro flavors lately and he's been having quite a bit of success! CarpPro brand flavors are paylake flavors with a twist, ideally designed to complement CarpPro's partner brands such as Rod Hutchinson Flavors. Created by paylake specialist Keith Cisney, the CarpPro flavors are formulated to have a silky texture that clings to baits and sinkers and slowly disperses in the water. And because they are not sticky and don't coagulate, they mix thoroughly and consistently with packbaits. Only food-grade ingredients are used to create CarpPro's flavors so they are safe to use, and because they are created from set formulas using the same quality and quantities of ingredients, every time you throw a CarpPro flavor, you can guarantee it will have the same consistency, intensity and catching power every time.

Here's Austin's go-to panko pack and some tips on using the Hutchinson and CarpPro flavors.

Add a few squirts of your favorite CarpPro flavor... and Hold On!

1lb Panko
1 can Cream style corn
2-4 capfuls Hutchinson flavor(s) of choice
6 sprays CarpPro flavor spray of choice before casting out

Pack the mix around the lead

1. Measure out 1lb of panko bread crumbs
2. Open one can of cream style corn and pour about 1/4 of it out into the bucket containing the panko. Mix between 2 and 4 capfulls of hutchinson flavoring depending on how strong you want the flavor to be inside the pack. Stir it well to get the flavor evenly distributed.
3. Dump the creamed corn in the panko. Stir it well and leave it to sit for 15 or so minutes. In this time, it will take in all the moisture and swell up, causing it to pack extremely well and when it breaks down, it will rise through the water column causing the fish to go nuts!
CarpPro flavors are available to buy in our store or ask for them at your local paylake!4. Pack it around your rig or lead, spray on a few squirts of your favorite CarpPro flavor, and cast out. Fish are guaranteed to follow!


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