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CarpPro Clobber - Dress like the Pros

CarpPro's brand is instantly recognizable, with the trademark carp and buffalo logo. Designed by Barry John, one of the founders of Obsessive Carp Disorder, the logo and branding have received rave reviews and we've been inundated with requests for hats, tee-shirts, stickers, and more. Well, the wait is nearly over. We'll be launching the CarpPro Apparel range very soon, so now you can dress to impress on the bankside with the latest in Carppro Clobber!

We'll have hats in two styles, branded camo caps for the baiters and trucker for the fluff chuckers, beanies, and tees in different colors. We'll even have some long-sleeve tees and buffs for the fly guys and anglers that spend a lot of time out on the water and need the extra UV protection. And as if that's not enough, we have plans to introduce some branded items that you won't see anywhere else! Curious yet?

Watch this space and we'll have updates as and when we introduce the new line of CarpPro Clobber, all available through the CarpPro store!

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