Buffalo Rig Breakdown - Jason Johonnesson


Jason's record buff from Lake Austin - a staggering 70lbs!

Nutritious and highly effective for buffs! The Anise scent is a proven buff attractor!

Buff specialist and holder of the lake record buffalo for Lake Austin, Jason Johonnessen, shares his buff rig breakdown.

• I use leadcore because of submerged tree trunks.

• I use 25lb fluorocarbon hook link because it lays flat and it is difficult for buffs to eject.

• I use 30lb fluorocarbon, 30', shock leader for casting and because it lays flat and is invisible to the fish.

• I use red main line because I can see it at night and bass anglers boating by can see it and avoid getting clothes lined.  My pod is on the elevated deck you see.  Also mono line has really good stretch which aids me in playing the fish.  With this stretch I can use a heavier rod to get my hook and bait where I need it.  I don't like to place to much playing responsibility on my rod.  I would rather my rod be used for bait placement.

• I like to use an Owner Fly Liner size 4 hook.  The knife edge, as opposed to a conical point, of the Owner stays sharp capture after capture.

• I use a D-ring rig with a band.  I always use 1 kernel of maize and 1 tiger.  Most times I will use a dissolvable barrel bait under them.  This is why I like to use a band instead of a hair.  As the barrel bait dissolves the band retracts and puts the kernel of maize and tiger nut back in their proper place.  You can't do that with a hair.

Scene of many a fine capture - Jason's boat dock and buff mecca!

• I like to use conical distance PVA bags with the weight forward for maximum casting distance.

• I use Harrison Chimera blank rods that are custom made for bait casting reels.  I can’t cast quite as far with these as compared to spinning reels, about 10-20 yards shorter, but they never twist the line, have superior drag, and I can use my thumb as increased drag in an instant.

• I like to add a few particles in my PVA but mainly I use Calf Manna Pellets.  The anise scent is a proven buff catcher and it is very nutritious at 25% protein














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