Budget Boilies that Won't Break the Bank! - With Michael Koester

Michael Koester gives a thumbs-up to budget boilies!Michael Koester is back with some recession busting Boilie recipes certain to put fish on the bank. He’s been thinking about the US angler and what they have at hand. That said these baits will catch carp the world over.

Well in our day, modern carp angling is sometimes expensive. If you want to own all the latest fishing gear, you may have a problem also purchasing the expensive baits on the market. One kg. of ready made boilies can cost a The proof of the pud... boilie is in the eating! This carp likes 'em!fortune, let alone the many kgs. you may want to bait an area with or sustain a swim...and you have no guarantee to catch on it. So what to do?
When I searched my cellar for some nice pics for one of the last articles, I found a little book which is now nearly 20 years old. At the time, I wrote down everything carp-related, especially my homemade recipes for boilies. It was hard for me to get a lot of specialized ingredients then, so I made my own baits with the ones I could easily afford. I caught a lot of carp on them. As I look back, I had some very good catches over a long period of time. But, I got older and lazier in rolling my own baits. I also received a couple sponsorships which, among other things, provided me with bait. Needless to say, I haven’t rolled my own baits recently. Alright, so what are the main ingredients of my “old”, still effective baits? At first it was corn flour, grease, flour, ground pellets, crushed hemp and crushed bird food. The ingredients act as a base for flavor, sweeteners, and other additives which are now readily available. Sometimes cheap baits are called Crapbaits. Well if you use old ingredients, you will be fishing crap baits, but if your ingredients are fresh and perhaps human grade, you can`t harm the fish and it is a lie that cheap baits are not effective! What about corn, eh ?
So O.K. here are simple recipes to try dependent on conditions. I’ve given you percentages so you can just follow the relative proportions depending how much you want to make up.

To all the mixes above, just add flavors (use the recommended dosages on the bottle), sweeteners, or spices. I asked Andy at the Bait Stop for advice on good combinations available to you guys, their are listed opposite thanks Andy. He says these have been secret until now so shhhhhhhh!

You should use these combinations for a one pound mix and you are on a winner.
If you can´t get egg albumin, try to use only the egg white, that will harden the baits too. Please try the first mixes in low volumes first and experiment with them.Budget Boilie Mix Breakdown
Add 5-6 eggs per 1 lb. of dry mix. All the liquids to be added should be mixed with the eggs and stirred well. Add the dry mix and form a paste which does not stick to your hands.

Another fine fish falls to one of Michael's budget boilies.

Let the mix sit for 15 minutes and then you can roll the baits by hand or with a rolling table. In a low protein mix, the paste will roll better if you add 30 ml of oil (vegetable or fish) for each kg. of paste. As a general rule, if the texture is not right, try to add a bit of oil and you will be able to roll it better. Boil them for about a minute or until the baits float up in the water. A little tip by the way, always put aside a portion of your mix into a plastic bag for later use. You can mould it around your hookbait or fish it as a paste/dough. For paylaking, it can be very interesting to use as your base mix with different flavours and additives at different levels. There is enough time to experiment. I forgot something which is very essential and may convince you to try these recipes out. I have an excel sheet where you can put in your ingredients and you will get (including the used eggs) the correct amount of what is in the bait. My example bait has the following:

24.7 % protein (10.7 % animal protein + 14 % vegetable protein)
10.3 % fat (Energy for the fish)
43.8 % Carbohydrates
6.03 % Rest (Fiber)

Boilie additive inclusion levelsWow! This is a nearly perfect carp bait (as the scientists say, a good food profile). This bait will catch carp in boiled or unboiled form, and you can use it in different ways.

Enough for now, and carpe diem a carp every day.









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