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Is there any story more famous than the one that got away? Does any sport more perfectly illustrate the transformation of ethereal hope into physical action? And does any pastime more frequently allow us to escape the banalities of life and place ourselves in the perfect environment to break ourselves down to our elemental pieces and parts, discard the momentarily superfluous, and contemplate the immensities and minutiae of existence?

It is, therefore, no surprise that recalcitrant anglers frequently become writers, front-line correspondents from the back of beyond, anxious to share their hopes, dreams, bait recipes, fly patterns, tactics, and all the places, things and people that inspire them to wet a line. Thankfully, the Internet, and the ability to create a blog, means sharing our thoughts is just that little bit more accessible to all of us.

In no particular order, these are blogs that we read and often inspire us. We hope they inspire you as well.