Baermann's Buggz - with Lee Baermann

After the response to last months Muddy Water Carp article Lee returns and shows us how to tie his infamous carp Buggz. Lets be clear this guy really is a professional!

I feel very confident that I could use just two flies in the areas I carp fish and catch all I want. Now that may not work other places but these two flies, Clouser swimming nymph and black head, are worth a try. 

The Clouser swimming nymph has been around for a very long time and is a trout fly but I tie it on a larger hook then it is commercially tied. Using a larger hook, Gamakatsu SS15 #4, gives me a very large bite area and it doesn’t seem to scare the carp off as I have landed them in both clear and muddy water on that fly. Tied in either olive or rusty brown, it is my go to fly.

Watching carp root in the shallows and kick up mud makes you wonder what they are after. Well it did me and I grabbed a handful of muck and searched through it on the bank. In the mud were many tiny white grubs with minute black heads. Once again I enlarged everything to do with the natural grub to make the black head. Using a 5/32 tungsten bead head for weight, I wrap the body with a strip of baggy. Any thick baggy will work, the thicker the better when you have to stretch it around the hook shank to get a snug fit and shape. I’ve experimented with many different thread colors because it shows through the baggy to give it any color you want. I am now trying fluorescent flash to see if it shows up better in muddy water. Lets go tie some!

*A little foot note on the black head; I originally called it the baggy fly but changed that when I was asked why it didn’t sag……as in baggy. After I explained it was tied using strips of Zip-Lock baggy the person was still confused and I decided right then and there to change the name.

Baermann's Bugzz - Swimming ClouserBaermann's Bugzz2 - Black Head


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