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¡Viva la Carpolución!


When we talk about the North American carp fishing scene we don’t automatically think of one style anymore. Some may picture rod pods and Euro styles and others might visualize fly fisherman stalking wary carp in urban streams and skinny water. For many, many more that are part of the longest-standing and most populous branch of the sport, it is impossible to imagine carp fishing without paylakes, packbaits and half a century of family traditions.

That’s why we have returned to our “mix-mag” format this month. Don’t worry, the Fly Special was no one-off and we’ll be alternating between mix-mags and specials along the way. It’s a nice problem to have--a carp scene that is almost too big for one magazine format.


You may also notice that we have not separated the magazine into sections. This is a deliberate choice. There is a lot of crossover and support across the aisles as fly, paylake and wildwater carpers come together to coalesce into a scene. 

A year ago I wrote about the spark that was needed to ignite the sport and develop it into something bigger. I suggested that we would start to see the development of a broader carp “scene” in perhaps 12 to 18 months.

I was wrong. It’s been much faster than that.

Back then we anticipated the inaugural Lake Fork Carp and Buffalo tourney with some trepidation. We wondered if the tourney would be a success and whether Lake Fork’s leviathans would come to play. We needn’t have worried.

FlyCast Like a Pro - Short Casts for Carp with Austin Orr

Austin Orr is a flyfishing casting instructor certified by the Federation of Flyfishers. He's also a carp fishing enthusiast and considers the introduction of people to fly fishing a lifelong goal. CarpPro can personally attest to Austin's skills as an instructor. Watch the video and see if it helps you up your game!

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