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Dan "Carp Expert" Frasier

Sometimes we allow podcast presenter and media editor Dan Frasier out from behind the microphone and, occasionally, very occasionally, he actually connects with a fish or two. Here he is stalking some skinny carp in the skinny waters of South Dakota.

Dan says:

Last summer the upper midwest experienced a severe drought, resulting in low water and hungry fish.  The fish were coming up very skinny, complete with their backs showing, in order to feed.  I threw together this video of me on a short trip to flyfish for these hungry carp.  In the video, you'll see me rig up, select a fly, get a skinnywater eat from a small fish and spook a bunch.  Check it out!

Mirror Magic at Lake Fork

Rare? Not today!I had a once in a lifetime session on Fork this past  weekend. Mirrors are extremely rare on Fork and, as odd as it sounds, they  don't seem to hang around with the commons at all, shoaling with groups of  other mirrors that rarely show themselves and are captures are very  unpredictable, few and far between with no correlation between their captures.

Snag wonderland down there!